Eric Renner
"Pinhole Photography: From Historic Technique to Digital Application"
Fourth Edition
Eric Renner, Focal Press, 2008
272 pgs. Signed Copy. Over 40,000 copies sold! The only comprehensive book on pinhole photography. Includes more than 300 photographs and 62 illustrations, in both color and black and white. Includes images by over 100 pinhole photographers. Pinhole Photography: From Historic Technique to Digital Application is both an entertaining illustrated history and a practical handbook. This new edition in full-color, offers a new chapter on camera obscuras, a new chapter on digital applications with pinholes and zone plates, a more in-depth “how to” chapter for beginners as well as a new “how-to” chapter for advanced photographers, revised exposure guides and optimal pinhole charts. Included in the "how-to" chapters are directions on how to make and use pinhole cameras, explanations on avoiding the most common mistakes, calculating exposure times, charts and formulas for optimal pinhole diameters, making and measuring pinholes, filtering, various camera designs including wide angle, 1:1, telephoto, multiple pinhole, digital pinhole, and extensive information on how to use zone plates. Includes lengthy chapters on the history of pinhole in both art and science, pinhole's renaissance from the 1960s to 2008. Many contemporary images are shown throughout the book. This book is a must for anyone interested in pinhole photography!

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