Eric Renner
Ticul SchoolyardTicul Ice HouseTicul Bus StationTicul GravesLuis in TiculTicul StreetTicul ChurchTicul PlazaTicul Potters
Ticul, Mexico
1968Eric Renner with Six Pinhole Panorama Camera
Mexican Series 1969
In 1968 I designed a 6 pinhole panoramic camera. I knew of no one else making pinhole cameras and with luck found that 6 pinholes placed around a cylinder made unusual double exposures, because each pinhole flipped its image from side to side. In 1969 I went to Ticul, Yucatan hoping to photograph in a Mayan craft village. The images were made on out-dated aerial film and then contact printed. A few vintage prints are still available and there is a complete set of digital prints available.