Eric Renner
SeraphimSeraphim on StandSeraphim on Stand detailNancy's HeartNancy's Heart (rear view)GhostsBirthBirth (side view)Blood MoonNuclear CloudTornadoEightMetamorphosis,
Homage to KafkaRaven's Shadow, 
Homage To Edgar Allan PoeEating Your Own LiesExtinctionKissDreamerEscapeMoonSelfWhirlpoolSnake EyesSkygoatRainbowTwinsBridgeOrgasmProtector LionSun
Tangential to my pinhole photography, in 2013 I began making PinHeads using thousands of various sized pins placed into each millinery head. Each head also has salvaged copper from a local roof. Although these images show mostly faces, the pins continue around the sides, top and back of each head. The second and third image show how the head can be mounted onto a stand I created with meter sticks.